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We’re going to have a booth at the festival downtown, where I understand you’re speaking. So, I hope that you will stop by for a sample of brandy, and maybe bring some friends… [Jesse is busy, but part of his job is networking, and he hasn’t had a chance to talk to Sebastian yet. It can’t hurt for him to know who he is.]

That’s very true. I just might have to do that. I’m sure some of the chairmen from my firm would love to come by and…take a look around.

[He smirks to himself, knowing exactly why they’d be interested and just how many points it could earn him if they knew he spent time here. His father would approve, certainly.]


It’s a pretty prestigious list, so… you should be honored. [Jesse leans back against the bar with a shrug, waiting for the bartender to get back and not wanting to leave just yet. He’s sure there’s a way he can use Sebastian.]

Oh, I am. Without a doubt.

[He spoke wryly, lifting the glass towards Jesse in salute before taking a sip. It was perfect, of course. He raised an eyebrow expectantly, not sure why Jesse was still there. He certainly seemed to be a busy man.]


I have to make sure our most important patrons are well taken care of. [Jesse smiles easily, quickly and efficiently mixing the drink before putting it on a cocktail napkin in front of Sebastian.]

That’s on the house.

[He smiles, sliding the drink towards himself, satisfied.]

Well, Mister St. James, I must certainly count myself lucky to have made it onto your list of important customers. It’s an honor, for sure.



[Jesse just happened to walk down then, on his way to the dressing room to check in about something with Santana. But then he noticed their District Attorney sitting at the bar unattended to, and he buttoned up his jacket, coming around the bar and grabbing a glass.] What are you having? I’ll make it for you myself.

[Sebastian sat back in surprise, eyeing the man carefully. He knew who he was, of course, but he’d never spoken to him before. However, he was willing if it meant a drink. It had been a long day and he definitely needed it.]

Good evening. It’s a vodka tonic with lime. What do I owe the honor of having the manager tend bar just for me?


[Sebastian walks into the bar, begrudgingly ordering his usual from Jack. He couldn’t believe his luck. No other bartenders on duty. He sat there, gritting his teeth and waiting for his drink, about five seconds from forgetting about it and going to get a cigarette instead.]


Good evening.


[Making quick work of the simple drink, he places it in front of the older male seated at the bar, a heartful smile warming his face.]

Favourite? I’m flattered. I’m glad you think so highly of me despite my being here such a short time.

[He purposefully brushes their fingers together as he takes the drink, winking subtly and leaning back.]

Yes, well that, and I’m just extremely relieved I’m no longer subject to that incompetent waste Jack. I prefer you much more.



[Brittany grins at his compliment, taking the moment to twirl him. The action makes her giggle, and she follows it up nicely with his spin, shimmying as she reaches him.]

Only a little. You’re much finer than the other johns dancing around here. And so much work, Mr. Smythe. You need to take a break. Let Britt Bunny take you dancing, or give you more cigarettes. Tell her I said hello when you see her, though I don’t think she likes me much.

I hope so. I’d rather not be grouped with the two-left-feet stuffed shirts over there. 

[His eyes light up and he does a quick two-step to the side, sliding right next to her.]

You know I can’t resist when you’re the one asking, babe. And sure I will. She’s just.. selective about who she talks to. She’s not so bad when you get to know her, I promise.


Good evening.


[Blaine’s eyes cast over to the new patron seated at the bar. Preoccupied, he almost dismisses it until he does a subtle double take. He pulls his bottom lip between his teeth to surpress the shy smile that’s forming and turns his attention to the fimilliar face, nodding as he grabs the tonic and the vodka, along with the glass, the ice and a lime.]

Glad to see you again, Mr. Smythe.

[A smile quirks up the corner of his mouth as Blaine recognizes him. He sits a little straighter, watching him make the drink.]

And you, Blaine. How’s my favorite bartender?

Good evening.

[Sebastian walks into the Club, shrugging off his coat and handing it off to the doorman. He slips into his regular seat at the bar, propping his elbows up on the polished wood.]

Vodka tonic with a twist of lime, please.